10 Vital Steps to Project a Well Groomed Appearance

Looking nice, neat, well-presented, and well-groomed is something that all of us want. How would you judge yourself? Are you well-groomed? It doesn’t matter whether we are working in the corporate world or just simply staying at home.

Being well-groomed should be of utmost importance to all of us. When we are well-groomed, it gives us the courage and confidence to meet people and clients at any time.

Here are some vital steps that you can take to improve your grooming standards.

1. Body posture

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Even if we put on the most expensive clothes and makeup, and have perfect knowledge of etiquette, when we stand round-shouldered and sit bent, we will spoil the very image that we have tried so hard to build. A perfect posture will definitely give us prominence in a crowd, and this will strongly influence our image.

2. Body hygiene

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The importance of personal hygiene, using lotions and deodorants is extremely important. There are occasions that we meet people who do not smell nice and have a bad body odour. This can really turn you off. What can be worse than this? Imagine!

When choosing a deodorant, it is crucial to know what type of deodorant works for you, spray or roll-on.

3.  Perfume or fragrances

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Many of us love perfumes. To spray some perfume daily should be part of your daily grooming. Apply soft perfumes, preferably with a floral, citrus, or oriental fragrance that is long-lasting. Try not to apply strong perfumes to overshadow your boss or customers around you.

4.  Basic skin care

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Having a skin care routine is essential to a glowing complexion. All you need to do everyday is a simple 4 basic skin care daily regimen, that is cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. Drinking lots of water and taking vitamin E will also give you good skin.

5.  Using make-up

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Putting on make-up is a treat to most women, but you should not overdo it. Make-up must be applied moderately. While applying make-up, you should complement cheeks, eyes & lips. It should look clean, fresh-looking with no smudges. When there is a need, do re-apply your make-up. Choosing lipstick colours should be appropriate, not too dark or pale.

6. Teeth and breath

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There is a saying “Good teeth are a luxury of rich people”. White, perfectly formed teeth are essential for a nice smile. Do invest in your teeth, take good care of them. Visit your dentist once every six months for a regular check-up.

7.  Hair care

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Our hair gives us a perfect tool to improve our image. Washing it regularly will help to keep our scalp healthy and prevent hair loss. Keeping our hair in good condition – clean, well cut, and coloured, improves our overall image drastically. Do pay attention to choosing the right cut and colour for your complexion and body type. 

8. Hands and nails

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Taking good care of your hands and nails is also essential.  By using a moisturizer on your hands and feet regularly, it will help to retain the moisture. Nails should be well-trimmed at a reasonable length and do apply nail polish if possible.

9. Wear correctly sized clothing

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Many people wear clothes that are either too big or small for them. Even more important than colour is having clothing that fits you well. When choosing your clothes, choose the right size and length. Wear outfits that flatter your body type, are well fitting, and stylish. Perfect clothing can do wonders for not-so-great figures!

10. Jewelry

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Whether it’s for men or women, jewelry is an accessory which complements your grooming. Pick the right jewelry for work.  Remember, when it comes to jewelry, sometimes less is more. You are only allowed to wear 3 items at a time.

Final Thoughts

If you have not given grooming a serious thought in your lifestyle, now is your time to start looking at it!!  No age is a barrier to start grooming.  In my personal opinion, when you are well-groomed, you will have high self-esteem, give a good impression of yourself, and will be confident and respected by others.

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