3 Comedy-Drama Shows You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Netflix

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Are you a fan of both comedy and drama? If you answered ‘yes’, then here are three shows from this genre that you should definitely check out!

(Disclaimer: These are just shows recommended based on my personal preference)

Ginny and Georgia

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The story starts off with a young and free-spirited mom, Georgia, who shifts to a small town in Wellsbury with her kids, Ginny and Austin. Her 15-year-old daughter, Ginny Miller, finds herself fitting in well and making some good friends for the very first time. At her new school, she experiences the typical teenager life, filled with romance and drama.

However, Ginny fears that she might need to shift towns again in the future, due to her mom’s “immaturity” as she calls it, when it comes to relationships and men. 

Little did Ginny know, her mom isn’t as immature as she portrayed her to be. Georgia had a horrible past, filled with dark secrets. 

How will Ginny react when she finds out the shocking truth about her mother? What will happen to this mother-daughter relationship? Watch the show to find out!

There is only 1 season of Ginny and Georgia available on Netflix, consisting of 10 episodes. The show received a lot of buzz and therefore, is renewed for another season. Season 2 is rumoured to be released somewhere in 2022.

My personal rating: 8.5/10

Never Have I Ever

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This show revolves around an Indian-American teenager named Devi, who is a huge nerd. After experiencing a tough year, Devi sets a goal to improve her social status at school. Along the way, Devi finds herself in sticky situations with her family, best friends and potential love interests.

Will her chase for popularity cost her the loss of meaningful relationships? Will Devi end up in a love triangle? 

Being a brown girl myself, what I liked about this show is the brown representation (although I do not fully relate to Devi’s high school experience) but it is refreshing to see a south Asian lead in an American sitcom. Not only that, this show also focuses on real-life issues that one experiences as a teenager, such as conflicts with family and friends.

Never Have I Ever consists of 2 seasons, with 10 episodes each for both seasons. This show received great response and was announced to be renewed shortly after the release of Season 2, which was somewhere in July 2021. The third season is expected to arrive on Netflix in late 2022.

My personal rating: 8/10

Emily in Paris

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Emily in Paris is a comedy-drama featuring a young American woman, Emily, who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris. Emily works as a marketing executive and her job is basically to provide an American perspective when it comes to social media strategizing at a French marketing firm.

One problem though, Emily does not even know how to speak French. How is Emily going to work with her French colleagues? Will Emily even be able to survive in a city like Paris?

Join Emily on her journey filled with workplace drama, laughter and some romance. 

This show consists of 1 season so far, with 10 episodes. But worry not, a second season is coming! However, there is no news on when the 2nd season will be released.

My personal rating: 8/10

Final Thoughts:

There you have it, 3 comedy-drama shows that are all available on Netflix. These three shows are my personal favourites and are suitable to be watched at any time, by any age group. However, I’d highly recommend these shows for young adults as they would be more relatable!

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