3 Films To Watch When You’re Feeling Lonely

Feeling a little lonely these days? No worries, here are 3 films to keep you company.

Her (2013)

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Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi 

Runtime: 2h 6m 

“Her” tells the story of Theodre Twombley, an excellent and introverted writer who buys an artificial intelligence system to keep him company. He then discovers that this specific A.I. system has the ability to learn and adapt like an actual human being which he falls in love with. 

Her is arguably one of my favourite movies of all time and there are so many reasons why it’s at the top of my movie list. Firstly, Joaquin Phoenix delivers a subtle yet sensational performance as Theodre, you can’t take your eyes off him because he’s so charming and the love he has for the A.I. system is believable and true. Scarlett Johansson also shines as the A.I. system, producing a profound voice performance that marries Joaquin’s acting. 

“Her” is beautifully shot and scored, certain framing shots and score pieces make viewers feel for Theodore’s loneliness and innocence throughout the film’s runtime. The film questions love and how relationships work with a sci-fi twist. 

It’s a movie experience like no other! Catch Her on Netflix now!

Taxi Driver (1976) 

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Genre: Drama 

Runtime: 1h 54m 

“You talkin’ to me?”. 

Taxi Driver is a 1976 film that will forever remain iconic. The film follows Travis, a Vietnam veteran who works as a taxi driver in New York City. On one particular day, he questions his purpose in life. He then decides to save a young girl from a pimp and clear the city’s corruption in the most unethical ways. 

Robert De Niro is the man he is today because of his mesmerizing performance in Taxi Driver. He is a force to be reckoned with in this film and marks his stamp in the film’s industry. Martin Scorsese does a fantastic job as well, capturing Travis’s loneliness and descent to insanity with his direction. 

Paul Schrader’s writing is strong as well, making Taxi Driver one of the most quotable movies to ever exist. Everything about Taxi Driver is top-notch including its soothing score and a tour de force performance by De Niro. 

Joker got most of its inspirations from Taxi Driver, so if you did enjoy Joker then Taxi Driver is a must-see for you!

Into The Wild (2007)

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Genre: Drama, Adventure 

Runtime: 2h 28m

Based on a true story, Into The Wild follows Christopher McCandless, a bright young graduate who decides to throw away all of his possessions and hitchhike all across America. He finds himself changing as a person when he encounters several situations throughout his adventure. 

Directed by Sean Penn, Into The Wild is a great comfort film when you’re alone. Sean Penn shows that he’s not only a great actor but also a good director, capturing Christopher’s remarkable adventure. Emile Hirsch’s performance in the lead role deserves recognition as well, he does not define Christopher’s intention and thoughts at times, asking us as viewers to come up with our interpretations. 

The runtime may be a bit too long, but Christopher’s story is intriguing enough to keep viewers engaged the whole time. I’m sure you’ll feel alive and ready to go on your adventure once you’ve watched this film!

Here are my film recommendations! Hope you add these films to your watchlist as soon as possible!

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