5 Self-Care Steps To Start Practising Today

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Taking care of yourself is probably the most important thing you should do. During this pandemic, we are all fighting our own battles and there are definitely days where we would feel burned out or discouraged.

Therefore, self-care should be our main priority as it leads us to becoming the best version of ourselves. Here are 5 self-care steps that you should start doing today:

Step #1: Maintain good hygiene 

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Being hygienic is a vital step of self-care. There are people out there who do not practice good hygiene due to staying at home all day (I know some of you can go a day or two without showering, don’t bother denying it!). 

However, you should take a shower and get into a pair of fresh clothes before starting your day. A good shower will energize you when you kick-start your morning!

Step #2: Build a basic skincare routine

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Taking care of your skin is equally important as taking care of other parts of your body. There is a common misconception that skincare is only for females. Skincare is not a gender thing though. It is a simple concept, as long as you have skin, you gotta take care of it! 

If you do not have a skincare routine yet, it is time to develop one. A basic 4-step routine consists of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Be sure to carry out your skincare routine right after you have showered.

Step #3: Eat healthy 

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Healthy eating may seem difficult, but it is certainly possible. Start off slow by incorporating more vegetables during your meals. You could also gradually reduce your intake of fried food and sugary food.

Eating healthy also means eating all three meals a day and not skipping any of them. This is because skipping meals has many disadvantages such as health problems and possible weight gain. 

Step #4: Do at least one thing a day which makes you happy

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Prioritizing your own happiness is an essential part of self-care. Therefore, make it your goal to do at least one thing a day which brings you happiness.

It could be something as simple as taking a longer nap or watching your favourite movie!

Step #5: Get enough sleep

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According to experts, an average of 8 hours of sleep is recommended for adults. After completing a long day, make sure to get into bed early and recharge yourself for the next day.

Another way of self-care is by developing a fixed sleeping schedule. This is highly recommended as it fixes your internal body clock, which makes it better for you to fall asleep and wake up easily.

Final Thoughts:

These are 5 simple ways to practise self-care in your daily life. Remember, self-care will help in improving all aspects of your health such as your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.

If you are not currently carrying out any of these steps, it means that you are not caring for yourself as much as you should be! Ask yourself this, if you are not being kind and caring towards yourself, then who will?

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Neha Singh
Author: Neha Singh

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