5 Viral Vacuums Taking Over Social Media

If you’re on TikTok or IG Reels, there’s this trend where people love showing what they buy on Shopee/Lazada. One of the items on the Shopping List I’ve seen lately is vacuum cleaners. People have been sharing their experience using new trends of vacuum cleaners, and surprisingly, it’s quite addictive to see too. Technology nowadays is so advanced; we don’t have to clean anymore because these half-robots are taking over. Some even give these vacuums names; I would too if they are helpful; it is like having your own personal maid for cleaning. Since I’ve liked many of these technology videos, my feed is full of them, and I keep seeing people sharing mostly the same vacuum each time. Below is a listicle of viral vacuums I keep seeing on my social feed.

1. Philips 8000 Series Aqua Cordless Vacuum (XC8147/01)

This is the topmost vacuum I’ve been seeing people share almost every day. Even when I see people asking which vacuum is good, the top recommendation is this one. Philips is a very well-known brand, and we’re all familiar with their electronics too, so no doubt this vacuum should be able to last long and safe too as it comes from a long-lasting brand. However, nowadays, brand names are not the only reasons people look into buying electronics; it’s also the innovative technology the device offers.

The Philips 8000 Aqua Cordless Vacuum Series consist of 2 types of vacuums, but the one you’ll want is this model, which comes with a mop as well. Reviews are stating that this vacuum has made their cleaning experience simpler, quick & less fussy. Spills and dirt are easily handled, which can be cleaned in seconds, and are especially useful in the kitchen. This cordless vacuum is compact, light, and has an elegant design too. With its design and abilities to help improve the cleaning experience, no wonder most are claiming this vacuum is worth every penny spent. I’m also eager to get one myself.

2. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (With Mop)

This is the most popular robot vacuum taking over social media, you’ll see tons of reviews, and most of them highly recommend it. Xiaomi is a well-known China brand that offers affordable gadgets with promising quality, and if you dream of the smart home concept, Xiaomi products are to look for if you’re on a tight budget. Their robot vacuums are finding fame on the internet as it not only sweeps and mops, it’s also one of the brands with the lowest robot vacuum prices available. However, it might not be very clear since Xiaomi offers quite a few models of robot vacuums to choose from. Which one are the people recommending?

It’s mostly Xiaomi’s Mijia 1C Vacuum as it is famous on Tiktok and IG; it seems like everyone is sharing about it. It vacuums and mops but detailed reviews from those who have used it say that it does its job rather sloppy. Some may suggest a bit of an upgrade with Xiaomi’s Vacuum Mop Pro, which is almost double the price of the Mijia. Overall, most reviews I read say that Xiaomi’s Robot Vacuums are decent and worth the price they’re paying.

3. Midea Handheld Vacuum (MVC-SC861B)

The Media Handheld Vacuum is famous because it’s one of the best vacuums reviewed below RM100. For those looking for a budget-friendly vacuum, this one is said to do its job right. The suction is strong, and it’s light too. However, you cannot expect much from your paying price; it has a deafening sound, and maintaining it is also difficult. But still, a vacuum cleaner that can clean properly and is super cheap, it’s a good bargain. Besides, Media is also a well-known electronic brand which you can be sure it’s is safe to use.

4. Tineco iFloor and Floor One S3 Wet Dry Mop & Vacuum Cleane

Tineco is a company that focuses on vacuums, and their bestselling vacuums are their cordless Wet Dry Mop & Vacuum Cleaner. I think it’s one of the first companies to introduce a vacuum and a mop together, which contains dual tanks for clean and dirty water, which is great for cleaning messy spills in just a few seconds. That is definitely the selling point for Tineco’s Wet Dry Mop Vacuums, which has evolved to Tineco’s Floor One S3, a smarter and more expensive version of the vacuum. However. I’m seeing the S3 taking over the iFloor on social media as it has smarter functions to help with cleaning. However, if you’re on a budget, I see the iFloor seems good enough, but still, if I am to splurge, I’ll definitely love the Floor One S3 better.

5. Ecovacs Deebot Robot Vacuums

Ecovacs is one of the leading brands for robot vacuums you can find in Malaysia as their vacuums are easy to get online with ongoing sales all year round. Social media also has made this brand a star as people are reviewing it globally and say it be one of the best robot vacuums brands in the market. Of course, being among the best would come with a higher price tag, and it certainly does. Ecovacs robot vacuums could cost up to RM5000 if you’re getting the best vacuum they have to offer with their most famous automatic empty dispenser. Honestly, their robot vacuums are pretty awesome, but the ones that are the talk on the internet right now are their newest Deebot N8 Pro. Ecovacs have quite several robot vacuums to choose from, which honestly all look very similar. What differentiates it is the technology it has from one another.

There are many more vacuums from different brands that people share since there are so many options to choose from in the market. Most of them are pretty much similar to one another, but the vacuums in the list above are among the most popular ones, which you can read reviews almost everywhere on the internet. So which one is your favourite so far? Let me know in the comments below.

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