6 Lazy Beauty Hacks for Everyone!

Ever since we’ve started working from home, our daily makeup routine has been completely nonexistent. It’s easier to get out of bed, brush our teeth, freshen up and start the day from home. 

Although that’s our new normal, we still have presentations and meetings to attend virtually, and we have to look our best! Here are some lazy beauty hacks or “shortcuts” we can take to look good instantly. 

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Cat Eye Trick

Ah, the Cat Eye! I used to start out struggling to apply the correct amount evenly on both sides. These days, you can use any straight edge object at home to get the perfect look. Choose any card from your wallet! 

Alternatively, you can try the dotted line technique. It’s a simple way of drawing by starting with the outside dot and connect the line! 

Curl Those Lashes 

Don’t feel like putting on makeup today? Even eyeliner or mascara? I got you! 

Here’s a trick that will allow you to look fresh and bright-eyed – curl your lashes! All you need is your eyelash curler, and you’re good to go. 

Goodbye Puffy Eyes

Have you ever woken up and struggled to look awake thanks to puffy eyes in the morning? Although many factors can cause puffy eyes, here are simple methods to de-puff! 

Use a cold spoon (keep it in the fridge overnight) and press it against your eyes for a few minutes, use an eye cream/lotion kept in the fridge and dab it around your eyes to give it a cooling effect, or apply a cold cloth/cold dried tea bags over your eyes for a while.  

Credits: Unsplash

Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips

Short for time but rushing to put on a full face of makeup? Consider using the same product to add colour to your eyes, cheeks, and lips. If you have a multi-use product that will do the trick, that’s great.

If not, you can opt for lipsticks/lip stains that are comfortable to blend to use on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Pick a shade that will accentuate your features!

Tame wild hair

Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, bed hair in the morning is inevitable. There are ways to prevent this, but it takes time and lots of preparation. If you don’t have enough time, here’s a simple way to give your hair volume and keep it neat!

Keep an alcohol-free hairspray for such occasions! Leave it on your bedside table, spray, and style your hair. With Malaysia’s humid weather, this will be a lifesaver. 

Dry Shampoo

Ever since I discovered the existence of dry shampoo, it has helped me tremendously! It’s a great way to reduce oil, grease, and dirt in your hair. In addition to those things, it cools the scalp too!  

It also helps when you don’t have time to wash your hair. This instant fix allows you to freshen up, especially after a hot day. 

As we continue to stay safe and attend events virtually, these lazy hacks will be super helpful in the long run! 

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