Abortion and Anti-vaxxers – The first time in history the right and left have switched their stance on principles of right to life and bodily autonomy.

For as long as I can remember, the debate surrounding abortion rights has always boiled down to two competing principles, namely the right to life which is heavily supported by right-wing groups and the right to body autonomy heavily supported by left-wing groups. Imagine the irony in this post-Covid era when right-wing groups who are against the vaccine have chosen to rely on the principle of the right to body autonomy to allow them to decide what they can do with their body, and the left-wing groups who now say vaccines should be forced on everyone to ensure the health and safety of everyone (essentially the protection of life).

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Principles are often etched within society as a concept that should never be violated, in this aspect, the right to life has played a significant role in lobbying for pro-life policies in ensuring women should not be allowed to get an abortion regardless of her situation simply because the protection of life needs to supersede an individual’s right to body autonomy. Yet under the new Covid circumstances these groups have suddenly abandoned their obsession with the protection of life for their own right to decide what they can put into their own bodies. Can you imagine how much the irony has made me laugh?

I would go even further to argue that the protection of the principle of the right to life is stronger in the issue of vaccines rather than abortion. With an abortion, the right to life mainly surrounds the unborn fetus and to some extent the mother whose life too can be in danger due to complications that can happen in any pregnancy rather than vaccines that are designed to protect perhaps billions of lives by taking away the choice for anyone foolish enough to reject the vaccine.

On the other side of the fence, left-wing groups are also not innocent in this particular matter when they have lead massive campaigns with slogans such as “My Body, My Choice”. How can one group who has cried every time a woman’s right to her own body is dictated by society to now condemn a group of people who are merely standing up for their right to choose what they can put into their own bodies. Surely the principle of body autonomy that has been towering over the right to life in the left’s reality cannot suddenly fall simply because the left is now afraid of catching Covid and risk facing the ice-cold grip of the Grim Reaper’s hand clasping down on their once principled throats.

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Either way, both groups will probably have to decide on which principle should supersede the other in order for future issues that may arise surrounding these two important principles to be decided logically by ensuring the principle that stands above will continuously be enforced in future policy making.

In essence, we can conclude that people are selfish and will merely fight for what they want to see in this world and use principles and morals only to support them when it is in their favor whilst maintaining the audacity to simply abandon so-called principles and values simply because your own life will now be affected by granting another the same right you have been dying to protect your whole lives.

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