The phrase beauty in the eye of the beholder is profound. The fundamental interpretation is that beauty doesn’t exist on its own but is created by observers. People believe that symmetry of the face is a basic feature of beauty. Some are born with astounding beauty which can be favorable or a downside.

We know that good looks are the key to many careers like advertising, sales, the airline, and the movie industry just to name a few. First impressions are crucial in every aspect, especially when making new acquaintances and attending job interviews. During my tenure in banking, average-looking job seekers came in for interviews with t-shirt and jeans. Although not everyone has supermodel looks, it’s important to appear decent physically as it’s the next factor that will determine the interviewee’s chances or success. Employees project the image of the company so it’s not about what we feel comfortable in. Some of the better-looking staff will be assigned to the frontlines as receptionists or customer service relation officers.

We often hear negative expressions like “dumb blonde” or “beauty with no brains” which is rather unfair. It’s a fact that everyone irrespective of beauty or good looks has to have some intelligence, personality, and character to be successful. Otherwise, they won’t survive long in a harsh and competitive corporate or business environment. Some use their beauty to attract attention which is considered selfish and uncaring. They use their beauty to gain favors and take advantage of others. In some cases, we can’t fault them because they were born with good genes and it’s human nature to be attracted to stunning features. In the entertainment industry, especially for female actresses, it’s difficult to maintain their beauty as they age. For them, it takes enormous effort and amount of money in maintaining their beauty to keep up with the competition. Eventually, they will be replaced by younger stars.

Beauty pageants have been traced as far back as the medieval era. Although the underlying principle is based on physical attributes it has evolved into much more. It’s very competitive and there will only be one winner. It goes beyond physical beauty. They will be judged on intelligence, performance, social and communication skills. Even though the main criteria is looking good physically, these other factors move in tandem. During the selection process contestants have to project confidence and poise. To be a woman of substance takes a lot of hard work. I remember long ago when I used to watch beauty pageants on television, some of the contestants are very talented in playing musical instruments and most of them are involved in voluntary work at a young age.

Beauty pageants have their fair share of controversy coming under fire for being worthless and a waste of time and money. In 2018, when model  Vanessa Ponce created history by becoming the first Mexican to be crowned Miss World, such competitions came under heavy fire for degrading women. But according to her, they are more about social responsibility now. “I see beauty with a purpose has transformed over countries as we go to. It’s not beauty pageants anymore, it’s about social responsibility. It’s about taking care of your own people, and that’s something that is changing across,” she said during an interview (The Express Tribune, July 5th 2019).

Image Credit: @vanessaponcedeleon

Beauty is gifted by nature and as long as the pageants don’t cause any serious or irreparable damage per se, it shouldn’t be an issue. On contrary to popular belief, it’s a show of talent to demonstrate the intelligence, personality, and skills of individual contestants.    

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