Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Many people practice drinking lemon water every day for health and also to lose weight.

Did you know that lemon water also has many other benefits for the health of our body?

Not only at home, most restaurants also serve it routinely while waiting for food and most people start the day with lemon water in the morning before drinking a favorite drink like tea or coffee during breakfast.

The practice of drinking lemon water is a simple habit that is often the talk of individuals who want to lose weight.

Not least, many people say that lemon water can make our skin more glowing!

Lemon has many benefits
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Here are ways your body may benefit from lemon water.

1. Lemon is good source of vitamin C

That’s right, lemons are rich in vitamin C, but that’s not all!

This fruit also contains vitamin A, beta-carotene, folate, calcium and potassium which are good for your body.

Vitamin C is a type of antioxidant that can help the body to fight disease.

In addition, vitamin C has also been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and also help the recovery of cells in the body.

2. The practice of drinking lemon water is good for the skin

Our bodies need vitamin C to make collagen, a protein that is good for the skin.

Collagen can slow down the signs of aging such as reducing wrinkles on the surface of the face.

Water is important to keep the body hydrated. If we drink enough water, the skin will be more moist and healthy.

Less water intake will make the face dry and lethargic.

3. Helps you stay hydrated

You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. For starters, try drinking warm lemon water when you wake up.

This practice can make you feel more refreshed and energized in the morning. These positive feelings can also help make your mood better.

4. Help lose weight

As many people know, plain water has 0 calories. If you add lemon juice to a drink, you will only add 6 calories.

That is why lemon juice is the choice of individuals who are on a diet!

The practice of drinking lemon water while dieting can reduce the taste for sugary drinks. This is one way to add flavor to water without having to take in more calories.

Check out how to calculate calories using our BMR calculator here.

In addition, this practice also makes you feel fuller for longer. Therefore, you will eat less and eventually you will experience weight loss.

5. Lemon water helps your digestive system

Lemon water contains acids that can help your digestive system.

For example, older people will have a weaker-than-normal stomach acid content. Drinking lemon water may help the body to break down food more perfectly.

Lemons also contain a type of fiber called pectin. Pectin is a type of prebiotic that can help for better stomach health.

However, if you want to taste the benefits of pectin, you are advised to drink lemon water along with the pulp once.

6. Reduce the risk of gallstones

Surely many people are already aware that gallstone patients need to drink plenty of water to prevent the formation of gallstones from recurring.

Therefore, the practice of drinking enough water can help you to fight kidney stones which are often caused by dehydration.

In addition, citric acid contained in lemons can also reduce the risk of gallstones. It is able to prevent the formation of most types of corals that are usually formed from calcium oxalate.

Drink lemon water properly and get nourishment

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If you want to practice drinking lemon water, don’t just take a slice of lemon and put it in the water. That’s wrong!
You need a glass of warm water. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze one side of the lemon slice into the water.

You can also add a little honey or mint leaves as an additional seasoning.

In addition, you can also save lemon peel and use the grater as an ingredient in your cooking or cake!

If you only use a slice of lemon in your water, the actual nutrients of lemon water will not be able to be felt properly.

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