Breaks: Why are they so important?

Most of us if not all have been working from home (WFH) since the implementation of first lockdown in March 2020. Since then, we have gone through multiple lockdowns with different names from MCO, EMCO, FMCO and the list goes on. However, if there is one thing that we have started to realise is that WFH is not necessarily relaxing and it can be more exhausting than working in the office. One common notion is that the work time has stretched throughout the day instead of fixed hours unlike they used to be. So if you are feeling burnt out, exhausted and in a state of restlessness, take a conscious decision to rest without any guilt and here are few reasons why we all need breaks.

To bid adieu to stress and anxiety

It is understandable that we are all going through a rough patch since the start of the pandemic and the massive shift in work environment following that was not an easy change to adapt for many of us. In fact, many had to opt for a career change due to the shaken economy sectors and fallen industries, thanks to the pandemic. Such abrupt changes come with a cost and many of us were certainly not ready for the stress that was associated with it. In order to mitigate such anxiety, breaks become undeniably important. It is crucial to give your body and mind the break they deserve to prevent higher stress level that might impinge negatively on the health.

To keep the creative juice going

Mental block is certainly disturbing and annoying but we would all have run out of creative juice at least once in our career experience. Being mentally exhausted is one of the reasons to experience such inhibition and taking a step back to wind down will assist in rewiring perspectives. Often, changing routine for once and doing something differently will spark new ideas and enhance creativity. Inspirations do not often stem from a monotonous environments, so changing the routine by taking a break will create more opportunities to be inspired to do better.

Because health is our biggest flex!

Based on a study conducted by The American Institute of Stress, 40% of workers claimed their work to be extremely stressful and a subsequent survey reported that 65% of workers claimed to have different difficulties as a result of the stress. Isn’t it an irony that we work to build a better life but end up compromising mental and physical health because of unbearable work stress at times? Essentially there is no bigger wealth than health so take breaks when needed and resume with a refreshed mind and body.

Are you are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? If your answer is yes, stop whatever you are doing! Take a deep breath, go for the hike you have always wanted to or make a short trip (as per SOP of course) or just do anything that will free your mind. All I am saying is take a break when you need to without any guilt to come back stronger and healthier! Whilst taking care of everyone around you, show yourself some love you deserve too.

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Author: Thanusha

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