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I’ve been trying to cut my visit to grocery stores once every 2-3 weeks now instead of a weekly visit. Nowadays, I prefer staying at home because you all know why. Since fresh groceries have a short expiry date, especially the greens, I managed to pull a few tricks up my sleeve with a few handy tips and hacks to keep groceries fresh longer, which I’ve learnt from the internet. With proper organizations and tools, going grocery shopping once a month could be possible, that is, if you have enough space to store them. Well, I didn’t take my fridge size as an obstacle; I did it anyway, but I still needed to do grocery shopping at least twice a month, but it’s way lesser than I did before.

After I learned the hacks, I started to invest my time in proper food storage. Now, after grocery shopping, I spend hours inside my kitchen to organize everything so most of them could last for weeks inside the fridge and still be in great shape for cooking. However, in this post, I’ll be sharing with you the items I got first before I started doing this.

Drainage Boxes

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Credit Image To Seller

There are so many types of drainage boxes since fridge organizations have become a trend. But still, you should choose the ones that will actually help your food last longer. The clear acrylic trays are pretty indeed but most of them I see don’t come with drainage. It may look like a simple thing but with the drainage it makes a huge difference in storing as the food with drainage tends to last longer as water from the food will drip below keeping your veggies or meat dry at the top. There are cheap and expensive ones with drainage, I have both kinds and honestly both works pretty well. The major difference is that the lid of the expensive ones is usually airtight, which protects the food longer.

Vacuum Sealers / Bags

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Vacuum Sealers can prolong your expiry to months if you freeze them, especially meat. I did a test with bananas; bananas at room temperature could probably last 2-3 days, so I tried freezing them, one in an ordinary ziplock bag and another in a vacuum-sealed bag. One week later, the banana in the zip lock bag has turned black, while the vacuum-sealed one is still yellow and looking fresh. However, I tend to use less plastic at home, so I only use vacuum sealers for food that I want to freeze deep to be used weeks or months later, like salmon or expensive meat. This trick actually helps me save tons especially when I buy good meat during promotions.

Silicone Bags

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Credit Image To Seller

I love that these bags exist! As an individual who supports an eco-friendly environment, these silicone bags are definitely a must on my list. I have tons of these and it indeed makes storing food much easier. I can store a just anything with these bags as it comes in a variety of sizes from big to small. These bags can be used to store greens, meat, herbs and even leftover food and can be used in the freezer and microwave too. Just make sure that the ones you’re using to store food is BPA Free and Food Grade Silicone for leftover foods that you store in them.

Silicone Fresh Covers

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Another good find item you should totally own. These silicone fresh covers are great for storing anything quick, example as marinated meat overnight in the fridge. Instead of opting to transfer the meat from the mixing bowl to a closed container, just use these silicone covers and cover the mixing bowl and store it in the fridge. Reduces tons of work don’t you think? These come in many shapes and sizes. It works with any kind of bowl and they’re almost airtight too. I’ve been using these a lot lately as it makes cooking much easier for me.

Silicone Cover Suggestions: | |

Norwex Kitchen Towels

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Credit Image To Seller

If you haven’t heard about Norwex yet, this brand specializes in cleaning tools. I’ve been obsessed with this brand ever since I was introduced to them. These cloths do work as promised and make cleaning more manageable, less hassle indeed. What I want to highlight is a trick their consultant shared with me with their Kitchen Towels.

These cloths are meant to clean the kitchen like food and oil stains, which they do indeed. But another trick with these cloths is to wrap greens, which makes them last longer. I’ve tried wrapping a cabbage with one of its towels and it lasted over 2 weeks in my fridge; it was still crunchy. I was impressed, which made me buy more of the cloths, including their counter ones, to wrap food.

Since these towels come in various colours, it’s easy for me to determine which towel I use for cleaning, which I will never ever use for wrapping food, yuck… please. These towels may be pricey, but it’s so worth it for the long run as I managed to cut costs in having to always buy fresh veggies every week. I hardly have to throw out any rotten veggies like I used to since I’ve tried this method. The big towels, I tend to wrap big veggies like salad, cabbage, Pak Choy, etc. While the small towels, I use them in my drainage boxes, so it absorbs water collected on top of the lid. This makes chili, tomato’s, carrots, and so on stay fresh way longer, even the half cut ones.

If you’re choosing to buy these towels, I’m told the ones in Shopee are mostly old stocks and you won’t be getting their 2 year warranty coverage. So directly purchase them with a consultant. This is the consultant that I bought my towels with. Super helpful, click this link to direct contact her.

So these are the items I used to cut my trips for grocery shopping. So far, this method has been working for me, and indeed I have saved a lot too. I even write notes on my fridge to keep track of the fresh food I store inside the fridge, so I don’t forget. But being able to label and colour code all my food, I hardly have any food going bad. Somehow I find doing this somewhat therapeutic. Let me know if you have tried it too.

Till then, peeps.

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