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I have always been looking for ways to make my kitchen experience easy and quick, as juggling between my roles of doing house chores and working from home isn’t easy. Twenty-four hours doesn’t seem enough as house chores never seem to end, and the workload keeps on piling by day. One of the things I must do daily but don’t like to do honestly is cooking. I’m okay with it if I have time, but the steps needed to cook a meal sometimes really bug me if I’m in a rush. I try not to order outside food a lot these days, so I have looked into cooking tricks for the past few months. I find Facebook Groups very useful as tips coming from there are usually honest, and they work.

I have become aware that most mothers who work from home use many kitchen tools and devices to make their cooking experience quick and easier. So I’ve tried applying that as well by starting with cheap tools that are easily sold online. Below is a list of items that I have gotten that you could look into too.

Mini Choppers

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These mini choppers help save tons of time and energy while cooking. There are manual and automatic ones that are portable and rechargeable via USB. I hardly use the mortar anymore because using this to chop garlic and onions is super quick. You can use it for all sorts of food, including meat; however, I suggest not do that with a cheap one. For meat, you should get the bigger and better chopper, a one with SIRIM probably. These mini choppers are super cheap, so the blades are not that strong. You can expect the blade to become blunt or the head to be malfunctioning in a few months. I’ve used mine for half a year before the blade broke while mincing chili and garlic. I have no complaints about that because I use it daily, so it was really worth it. I’ll be getting another replacement for that. A tip for choosing these mini choppers is always to find one with an inner lid. It’ll make cleaning much easier and less messy.

Steel Splatter Screen

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This item I just recently discovered and honestly helps a lot in saving time for cleaning after cooking. These steel splatter screens will help you control unnecessary splatters from cooking, such as oils from frying or even cooking chili pastes. Just hover these screens while cooking, and the splatters will go nowhere near your kitchen tiles. I find this really useful and easy to use too. Instead of using the pot’s lid, you can also cover up your freshly cooked meals with this, which does not collect water vapor; hence your meals don’t go bad quickly.

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Reusable Silicon Bags

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Using reusable silicone bags is not only good for you but also for the environment. Going plastic-free is a great help you can do for the future generation. These silicon bags are a great option to bring while grocery shopping; instead of using plastic, you can opt to use these to store meat or veggies. These bags are also suitable for storing food inside the fridge and freezer, which can help make your food last longer. You can use these bags to divide small portions of your food such as chicken meat, so instead of defrosting the whole chicken, you can defrost the part of the chicken you want by taking out one of the silicon bags. Convenient right? These silicon bases are waterproof and leakproof, too and it comes in all sorts of sizes, making them handy to store all kinds of food. Some of these silicon bags are food grade, and some can even use some in the microwave. For me, it’s better to buy food grade and BPA Free products since, trust me… you’ll tend to use these bags for food storage.

Silicon Trays

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Silicon bags store food, while silicon trays will come in handy for storing small partitions of frozen food. You can use it to make ice or store frozen raw ingredients such as garlic paste, onion paste, and chili paste. If you tend to cook our average Asian food every day, these frozen pastes will cut your cooking time, and they even last long too. This is a hack I discovered from most housewife group sharings on FB, and it is indeed a good hack. Some are even getting creative with their pastes as now there are all sorts of mold designs; instead of the flat cube shapes, you’ll see star molds, roses, and even teddies. I still prefer the cubes, though, as I like being classic. LOL… Anyhow, if you’re looking into these silicon trays, make sure that you look for food-grade silicones too.

Oil Filter Canisters

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If you’re the type that uses a lot of oil in your cooking, these Oil Filter Pots will come in handy. Instead of a regular stainless steel pot, it includes a filter, so you can easily store your cooking oil in the canister and separate unwanted leftovers from the oil. This makes cleaning easier as you can instantly wash your pans after the hot oil is stored in the canister. It’s neat and saves a lot of space and money, too, since you can use these oil filters to separate your oils for oils that can be reused and oils that can need to be heated off and thrown away. Never throw away hot oil in the sink as it’ll harden and clog your sink; instead, send these used oils to a recycling center. I’ve been doing that every month, and honestly, it’s not a hard thing to do too.

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Sauce Pumps

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You may not think of these pumps as a necessary item until you’ve actually tried them. These sauce pump lids make the cooking experience so much easier. Instead of having to grab and tumble your sauces, just a quick pump does the trick. However, it does get tricky when there isn’t enough sauce left in the bottle.


There are actually many more items that will enhance your cooking experience; however, the list above are the items that are cheap and highly shared, many people have recommended them. I bet you may have tried some of these items as well, right? Let me know if you had.

Until next time, till then, peeps.

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