[Opinion] Abit Lewd – the story of a fallen preacher?

Recently a telegram group allegedly containing videos and screenshots of famous philanthropist Ebit Lew became viral following allegations of sexual harassments by the preacher. This brings to light once again the epidemic of blind worshipping of famous people. It is important to note however at this juncture, the telegram group and all contents within it are only allegations and may not be proven to be true, similarly all allegations of sexual harassments have also not been proven yet.

The first thing we should caution ourselves upon is that we should not degrade his past contributions in helping out the underprivileged. It has become a trend especially with the rise of ‘cancel-culture’ is to attack an individual based on the mistakes the person has made. We should therefore strive to separate the good deeds an individual has done against the illegal actions that person has committed. Assuming he did something against the law, we should leave it to the justice system to investigate and punish him for that particular action should there be sufficient evidence against him, until that happens however, people should refrain from attacking him without a chance to hear his side of things.

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In pursuing my own investigation into the group, I had contacted my ‘friend’ to enter the group in order to examine the contents (for legal reasons I cannot admit to have seen the videos myself), it seems that there are indeed several incriminating videos that paint the preacher in a bad light. The videos alone do not point towards any sort of sexual harassment should there be a consensual agreement between the parties involved and should this be the case, then the preacher has done no wrong at least in the eyes of the law. This brings us to another important point, we should all stop being hypocrites when it comes to passing judgment on others. What a person does in his private life should not be something open to public opinion. Sure it might seem hypocritical of a religious preacher not to follow the tenets of his own religion but looking at the nature of how religion is manipulated in this country, shouldn’t we learn to stop putting people on an unrealistic pedestal and become enraged when the person doesn’t live up to our own expectations? It is normal for people to pursue vices in their private spaces and one mistake should not dictate the way we perceive the moral status of another without first making an examination onto our own moral status.

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The other behavior we have to watch out for on the other end of the spectrum is to completely deny all wrongdoing without giving any weight to the evidence adduced against him. We cannot and should not completely let a man walk away from facing the repercussions of his mistakes. On the assumption the investigations pan out and manage to secure a charge against him, we have to place our trust in the legal processes. To blindly claim he is innocent due to his religious status as a preacher or even to deny he is capable of such things due to his good deeds is also the wrong mentality to have.

We as a society should grow to evaluate actions independently from the person as well as previous actions. “To be human is to err” is a famous quote that explains the fragility of the human psyche which causes humans to often make mistakes in pursuant of emotional and physical satisfaction, it is therefore important for us to first accept that everyone is not perfect and capable of committing errors in judgements, but it should not be the only thing that defines us as a person.

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