[Opinion] Cancel Culture Should Cancel Itself

How “cancel culture” has turned cancerous on itself

Once upon a time, we cancel toxic people with toxic mindsets and behaviors. People turn into social justice warriors (SJWs for short) and cancel out whoever is problematic and does not fit their mold of a “proper and decent human being”.

This article is, by no means, trying to be preachy. It also does not condone being violent towards anyone who does not agree with you.

What is “Cancel Culture”?

According to Merriam Webster Online, cancel culture means:

“The practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure.”

Cancel Culture Definition, Merriam Webster Online

The idea of cancel culture was once noble. You will have powerful people standing up and defend the powerless and voiceless. In recent years, throngs of SJWs have joined their ranks in voicing out against anyone “unsavory”.

However, that is not the case. Cancel culture has become so problematic they are killing themselves from the inside out. They have become the very people who do not wish to be around in society at all.

How Do You “Deal” With Cancel Culture?

How Do You “Deal” With Cancel Culture
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Cancel culture may be largely a Western thing. However, it has extended its influence and talons to every other culture on the planet. At some point, the entire “movement” has gotten so annoying it does tick off a lot of people too. The whole idea seemed to collapse on its own representatives being too soft and too sensitive.

Having said that, here are some ways we can ensure that we don’t fall into the talons of cancel culture.

1. Grow a thick skin

One way of dealing with cancel culture is for everyone to grow a thicker skin. Instead of being offended by every little thing, perhaps look at the whole picture objectively. Weigh out the pros and cons. We can guarantee you that most times the pros outweigh the cons.

Don’t react to every single thing that people have to say or do. I don’t know about you but it sure does get very tiring in the long run. Don’t be an emotional train wreck. Be a better citizen in society.

2. Call out bad behavior but don’t over-react

We get that some people may not have the best behaviors, but these people exist. It’s against any law, religious or conventional, to murder someone. You shouldn’t even have that kind of thought towards someone, to begin with.

When you run into an unsavory person, let them know to not do or say the same thing again. Remind them it’s good to practice mindfulness in society and be a person in their best behaviors.

If the person still chooses to be problematic and doesn’t wish to change, then you can do nothing else. You’ve done your best in “helping” these people. Life has a way of teaching problematic people life lessons. It may not be from you, but later on, they will learn a painful lesson.

3. Be objective when looking at problems

“Problematic” people and matters are not always as problematic as they seem to be. They seem problematic only because if you choose to see it that way. Sometimes it’s good to take a seat and look at the problem objectively.

By “looking at the problem objectively”, you can first establish why is the matter problematic for you. Then proceed to classify the good and bad side of the matter. If the pros outweigh the cons, then it’s quite likely you are overreacting to it. Basically, it’s your emotions doing the talking and reacting. Not your brain.

Views differ from person to person. Just because 1 person doesn’t share the same views as you do, you don’t have to over-react. You don’t have to go all out to cancel that person. People are entitled to free speech and so are you.

4. Diversity in different views that don’t hurt anyone or everyone

There is strength in diversity, can we at least agree with this statement? The most ironic thing coming from some SJWs who often preach about diversity just don’t practice what they preach.

Varying and opposing views do not mean they are wrong. People who share different views from you do not mean they are your mortal enemies. Remember that you are born in a different culture with different views from someone else at the other end of the world. You may not even share the same views as your neighbors.

As long as the view is not hardline bigoted and extreme (for example, Nazism), then you have nothing to care about. Most views are pretty tame and bland anyway. Why are you overreacting to something that doesn’t hurt you? Who hurt you?

Key Takeaway

Jumping on the cancel culture bandwagon does not make you look cool. A lot of times, it makes you look like an attention-seeker. Nobody likes an attention-seeker. In 10 years’ time when you are more mature, do you think you’ll be proud of who you were during this period of time? Don’t do things that you may regret later in life, even if it means joining the bandwagon.

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