[Opinion] Will the 9th Prime Minister survive a confidence vote?

All eyes have been locked on the 9th Malaysian Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri after he successfully gained enough majority to convince the YDPA that he was in possession of the majority to form a government. Hope for a better Malaysia has however been shattered after the announcement on the new cabinet of ministers formed to bring Malaysia out of the pits of doom the previous government left us in.

The biggest failure we can see in the cabinet is by having Azmin Ali back at his old portfolio, the same man who brought on so much hate to the government that the 8th Prime Minister had to resign. Surely DSIS could see the effect Azmin will bring to his cabinet, why then would he still place him back in his old spot? The most likely explanation (which everyone assumes) is that his numbers were formed from promising positions to different parties and individuals and has placed himself in a position where the cabinet will control him rather than controlling the cabinet. Due to this fact, DSIS is forced to continue the legacy of having a big cabinet filled with less than useful individuals to hold his grip on power. Although the outcome may not be an absolute failure yet, from studying the past we can all assume the country will be going down the same path with no significant changes.

This brings us to the very important point on the confidence vote in Parliament happening sometime in September. Unlike Muhyiddin who had the opportunity to postpone the parliament to prevent such motions from being tabled, DSIS took on the post by agreeing to hold a confidence motion as soon as possible. This would not give him as much time as the previous Prime Minister to arrange his pieces in time to pass the vote.

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It is pertinent to note that DSIS can only afford to lose a maximum of 3 MP’s before a stalemate is reached again, bringing us back to the same situation again. Although the current MP’s on the Government side have more incentives to stay and support DSIS, the hate for Azmin might overpower any incentive and may give rise for MP’s to switch to the opposition’s side during the confidence motion. This can happen as individual MP’s may use the opportunity to gain some limelight by ousting another hated government if they are smart enough, and they might also be rewarded by the opposition should they successfully jump as well.

For once I sincerely hope the opposition understands the nature of politics and chooses to sacrifice whatever pride and ego they have, since not only did they fail the citizens when they lost power after 22 months because of their naivety, but they have failed time and time again to make a comeback. It will be important for them to actually play along with the political games in order to gain enough numbers back by the time the confidence motion is tabled to finally regain their grips on power and bring Malaysia out of the hell we’re stuck in. Do we honestly even need an opposition who fails to understand the rules of the game in order to emerge victoriously? I’ll leave the judgments up to you.

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