Review: Season Eight of ‘Who wants to be PM?’ (Spoiler Alert)

The hit series ‘Who wants to be PM?’ has finished airing the final episode of Season 8 which garnered superb ratings over the course of the season. Season 8 followed the journey of the main protagonist TSMY, who usurped the position of Prime Minister from the opposition government where he eventually succumbed to the power and became the antagonist of the season. The entire season was directed from TSMY’s point of view as he had to navigate the cruel political arena to preserve his power that was continuously challenged during his tenure as Prime Minister.

In the early episodes of Season 8, we can see the introduction of various new characters that were introduced in previous seasons but did not make a significant contribution to the plot until now. The season chose to explore the right-wing religious party that was introduced in early Season 1 that formed part of the opposition government until Season 6 where they surprised long-time fans of the show by switching sides and have been a strong supporter of the Malay coalition since then. In Season 8, the show introduced several new characters from the religious party who helped TSMY stay in power during the course of the season where at the end of the season, Taki who was part of TSMY’s government made a blunder that led to TSMY losing grip on his support.

Another interesting character to watch out for is AA, where he was one of the main characters in Season 7 who ultimately betrayed the alliance at the end of Season 7 and jumped to TSMY’s side to form a new government. Although once a fan favorite in Season 7, Season 8 explores the other side of AA and brings fans along his journey of falling from grace and being labelled as the betrayer of the people.

This Season also saw TDM, the protagonist of Season 4, who also happens to be one of the original characters since Season 1, coming to terms with losing power and explores the story of a political dinosaur who refuses to retire. There is rumor that the writers of the show have been wanting to write off TDM from the show however they are unable to do so due to the demands of the characters fandom.

Season 8 also explored the story of the DSAI, the comic relief character that made his debut in Season 3 and became the main antagonist to TDM in Season 4. Although fans assumed the character will not survive past Season 6 as the character was sent to prison for allegedly doing dirty backdoor deeds, he made a comeback in Season 7 when he teamed up with TDM only to be ousted by TSMY and his backdoor government (the irony). In Season 8, his adventures continued and fans have started to love him over his iconic line ‘I have the numbers’ which he has been spouting for many seasons now and fans have theorized that there is a possibility that DSAI will be the main protagonist in Season 9 because he may finally have the numbers.

Fans were also happy because Season 8 saw the return of DSNR who had been defeated at the end of Season 6. Based on recent interviews with the producers of the show, they said that “DSNR was supposed to have been written off at the beginning of Season 7 along with Kak Ma who was the wife of DSNR in the show due to budget constraints. Fans however protested our decision and so we had to keep DSNR in the show but had no choice to write off Kak Ma as keeping her in the show took about 50% of production budget”. Season 8 took a different approach to the character and painted DSNR as a people person rather than the dictator he was in Season 6 and has quickly become the most loved character in Season 8, earning him the title of ‘Bossku’.

The Season ended on a cliff-hanger when TSMY announced his resignation as the 8th Prime Minister and has been appointed as caretaker PM until the next PM is appointed by the YDPA. Current speculations say that either DSAI will be the next PM in Season 9 or it will be taken over by TSMY’s current sidekick DSIS who has quietly made a name for himself during Season 8. Producers of the show have promised to air Season 9 in early September but have also speculated on the possibility of a delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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