The 90’s Game Devices That Are Making A Comeback

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This lockdown seems to be never-ending, so I’m constantly trying to find ways to keep my whole family entertained at home. The TV is on almost 24/7 without anyone even watching it sometimes. Even my husband and I are starting to get bored with binge-watching applications, and we’re subscribed to many of them! We even bought VPN to watch shows overseas, but still, we’re getting to a point where we can’t find anything entertaining anymore. However, I did come across this new trend on social media, which is actually an old trend. It instantly brought me back to my childhood memories, so I showed my husband, who certainly showed sparks of joy; then he immediately told me to buy them. Because of that, we somehow managed to have a long conversation going down memory lane during our childhood times.

The trend going on now is the 90’s kids playing 90’s games with their millennial child, and my husband is certainly up for it. I looked these games up on Shopee, and I’m surprised at how many sellers are selling and how many buyers are buying them too. It adds up to a lot! So, we’re actually pretty late to follow the trend. If you’re wondering what these games are, below are some game devices getting the limelight on Shopee.

  1. TV Console Video Games

Honestly, I never really played console games because all my siblings were girls and my parents were not really a fan of technology back then. So the only time I played console games was when I visit my cousins’ home, but I rarely get the chance to play. On the other hand, my husband says he also had to go to his cousins to play, but he played almost every day. Showing this to him brought back a lot of his sweet childhood memories, so he told me to buy so he could play with his son. I’m sure the original one is PlayStation, but the ones sold on Shopee are built-in console games with 500-600 pre-installed games included. However, my husband says that those are classic games that he played during his childhood times.

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2. Portable Console / Gameboy

I’m not sure if the original Gameboy exists anymore but what I found on Shopee is a copy of a Gameboy with pre-installed Gameboy games back from the ’90s. I’m guessing the games from the console games above, and this one is similar; the only perk this one has is that it’s portable. The price for these is super cheap, so don’t expect much from them, but still, even though it’s a fake copy of a Gameboy, it somehow brings back the nostalgic feel from the past.

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3. Brick Game

This brings back all my childhood memories; I’ve owned probably a dozen of these as I played it until my teen years. It was the only game device I had at home back then, and it was pretty addictive to me. The satisfaction of winning a tough block game I can never forget. I used to fight a lot with my sister over this, but I guess this time I won’t have to anymore; these are just so affordable now. Or was it always affordable? LOL…

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4. Mini Pet Game

The original game, if I’m not mistaken, is from Tamagotchi. I didn’t grow up with this, but I do remember some of my friends having this. So basically what I know, it’s like the older version of ‘Pao’ where we had to feed and take care of a pet. It sounds like something I would have loved; how did I even miss this during my childhood?

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These are currently the past games that are returning to life again, but most of these game devices have evolved to much better versions nowadays, such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Applications, etc. I wonder why there are still so many fans of these games. Probably because they are cheaper, or probably because of the nostalgic feeling we all seem to miss. What’s your reason to buy these?

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