10 types of people you will see during your cinematic experience

If you go to the cinemas a lot, you will run into some very annoying cinema-goers. Some can be super talkative, whereas some just can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Regardless of what sort of cinema-goers you’ve come across, we have put together a quick list of such people. This article is, by no means, trying to demean anyone. It’s meant to be a parody of some of the people we have encountered in our time in the cinemas.

1. The one who is always on the phone

The one who is always on the phone
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This one is the most common of all the cinema-goers we have seen. When the movie has started, somehow these people love to play on their phones. Some of these phone-addicted movie-goers even have the audacity to make calls during the movie!

Talk about how annoying things can get!

2. The commentator 

The commentator
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Somehow this kind of movie-goer thought they were paid by the movie’s directors to comment on every scene of the movie. Nobody asked them for their comment and they are giving their unsolicited advice out for free. Nobody paid for this. 

3. The love-bug 

The love-bug
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These types of movie-goers think they are part of the movie. But no, they aren’t. It’s quite likely these people wanted a “private space” to release some of their X-rated alone time. Again, no one has paid to watch it, but we roll with it. 

4. The one who spoils the movie 

The one who spoils the movie
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Movie-goers who spoil the movie are quite likely the ones who have seen the movie at least once before. How else are they able to spoil the movie for everyone around them? As annoying as it gets, these movie-goers exist. Imagine paying to watch a movie in the cinemas only to have it spoilt for you. What a Debbie Downer! 

5. The one who asks a lot of questions

The one who asks/ a lot of questions
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Oh my good lord have you ever watched a movie with someone who keeps asking questions about it? If you have, we can totally understand how annoying the situation can get. We’ve never seen the movie either (assuming you hadn’t) and these guys seem to have 1000 questions about it. It wouldn’t hurt to just sit and watch, would it? 

6. The loud chewer 

The loud chewer
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Ever encounter people who chew louder than the loudspeakers in the cinemas? Just how loud do you have to chew to have people noticing you? 

7. The loud reactor 

The loud reactor
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Movies tend to make us laugh, cry, and whatnot. But to have at least 1 movie-goer reacting to every scene loudly? Oh man, it gets as bad as people who chew their food loudly in the cinemas. 

8. The seat kickers

The seat kickers
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This is similar to passengers on a flight. You get cinema-goers who sit behind you kicking your seat. You can turn around and ask them to please don’t do it anymore. But for the entire length of the movie? God grant you the patience to not chew these people off. 

9. Kids on a high sugar rush 

Kids on a high sugar rush
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There are bound to be kids who are high on sugar in the same movie you are in. Queue the loud screams throughout the movie. To make it worse, sometimes they scream during an important scene, which makes your cinematic experience hell. 

10. The ones who spent more time in the bathroom than watching the movie 

The ones who spent more time in the bathroom than watching the movie
Image via Canva

Yeah… These people spend more time in the washroom than they watch the movie. Every 15 minutes or so they may get up and go to the bathroom because, you know, small bladder and all? “Holding it in” is just not a thing for these people. 

Ever met any of these kinds of people when you are watching a movie?

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