7 Essential Tips to consider for a well-organized kitchen

Having a well-planned and organized kitchen is really important. We want to cook our daily meals smoothly, easily, and without facing any challenges. If you have a small kitchen, you will still need to consider how to store your electric appliances, cookware, utensils, dinnerware, fresh and canned foodstuff, glassware, and washing agents.

Here are some essential tips that you can start with when organizing your kitchen.

Tip No 1 – Spice Rack

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The Spice Rack is one of the most important organizing tools to consider when designing your kitchen. This rack will help to store and arrange your spices and seasonings. We need to use spices in our everyday cooking, don’t we! Thank god we have such a thing called a spice rack.

We can buy empty plastic or glass jars of the same size and store our spices. Besides that, if we can label the names of the spices on top of the covers, we can have a clear view of them instantly. This labelling will definitely be easy for us while cooking!

Tip No 2 – Pots & Pans (Cookware)

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We definitely need pots & pans to cook in, but, how many do we really need? To cook for a medium-size family, you will need soup pans, frying pans, casserole pans, and woks. The size of these cookwares will depend on the number of family members, I would suggest medium size cookware.

The best place to store your cookwares would be in the cabinet just below your sink. Just before you start cooking, you will definitely wash the cookware. 

A little tip here. I would recommend buying the cookware which is non-stick.  This will encourage the users to put less oil in while they cook!! Healthy cooking leads to a healthy lifestyle!

Tip No 3 – Dry Goods & Canned Food

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No kitchen can survive without dried food and canned food. Examples of these foods are jelly, noodles, mushrooms, soups, tuna, evaporated milk, etc. It would be best to place these foods on a few shelves in the same cabinet. They should be arranged in baskets and labelled for easy viewing.

Tip No 4 – Baking Ingredients

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If you enjoy baking, then all your baking ingredients should be placed in a cabinet too. It would be very irritating when you are unable to find an ingredient while baking. Examples of these ingredients are self-raising flour, cornflour, rice flour, sugar, semolina, custard powder, etc to be placed together.

Tip No 5 – Open Shelves

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Having open shelves is also very useful in a modern kitchen. You could place items like sugar, tea, and coffee in an open shelf. Other than keeping your beverages on an open shelf, items that you want to be visible should also be stored in this manner.

Having a few open shelves in a kitchen not only gives more space to it, but it can also make your kitchen look brighter. You could also keep some decorative pieces and plants too. It gives a welcoming look.

Tip No 6 – Tableware

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If you have expensive and beautiful tableware, I am sure you would want to do justice to it. Keeping serving plates, bowls, and dishes in the same cabinet would be a brilliant idea. When it’s time to serve a meal, you can get all you need from one cabinet.

If you place your tableware with a transparent glass door, you can view it with pride. When you design your kitchen cabinets, it is important to have one or two of them with a transparent glass door.

Tip No 7 – Electric Appliances

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The usage of electric appliances in a kitchen is a necessity. Daily appliances used like toaster, blender, rice cooker, coffee machine can become a clutter in the kitchen if it’s not kept in a proper manner. Placing these appliances back into their cabinets after using them would be a great idea.

Final Thoughts

Cooking is a daily chore for many of us.  If you have not organized your kitchen well and feel demotivated when you cook, now is the time to make some changes.  I hope by sharing the above tips, it will encourage you to give a new makeover to your kitchen.

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