An open letter to all the frontliners

The day all Malaysians awaited for is finally here! Malaysians are eventually allowed to cross state and reunite with their loved ones on 11th October after almost a year and a half. We have been cooped up for more than a year now and many of us have not seen our parents, our friends, spouse, children and missed many precious moments with the people we cherish abundantly in our lives. With 90% of the adult population having been vaccinated now, things are gradually returning to normalcy and we are slowly learning to live with the virus accepting the transition of the pandemic to endemic slowly. Amidst us rejoicing the reunion of many families and friends, I want to pen my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all Malaysians to all the frontliners who risked their lives, put our safety as their priority, and sacrificed the most to ensure we could finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Dear doctors, pharmacists, nurses and all other healthcare professionals,

Thank you for risking your lives so that you could save ours. Thank you for tirelessly working round the clock and holding the fort when all of us were crumbling down. Thank you for staying separated from your families so that we can stay safe with ours, for holding hands of our loved ones in their final moments so that they were not alone, for calming down nerves of the worried relatives while battling your own overwhelming emotions, for not giving up when things seemed so bleak and for just being our brightest light of hope during the darkest of times. Thank you.

Dear police officers, army personnels and authority officers,

Thank you from bottom of our hearts for braving rain or shine to ensure the safety of people was maintained. Thank you for spending day and night at roadblocks to keep mobility at a bare minimum, just so that you can keep the virus from doing more harm than it already did. Our utmost gratitude for risking your lives by coming into contact with millions of people to execute your responsibility of ensuring adherence to SOPs just so that we could win the battle against Covid-19. We apologise for the risk you brought back to your family because of your duty or for the hugs you would have missed to keep us all safe. Thank you.

Dear volunteers and activists,

Selfless might be an understatement for many of you who volunteered at or organised vaccination centres or food banks to assist others when your very core was shaken. It takes an enormous amount of strength to help others in times like this when each and every one of us is already battling different kinds of challenges daily. Thank you for showing compassion, love, and kindness when it was needed the most and for putting others’ needs above yours. Thank you for showing that we all will have enough if we learn to share when times are tough. Thank you.

To million other frontliners who went to work to ensure our lives went on despite being locked in our own homes, put your lives at stake to save ours, and stayed strong when many of us were brittle, thank you.

The battle is certainly not over. Now that most of the SOPs have been relaxed, the baton has been passed onto the people to ensure safety of all around us. We have come to realise that freedom is almost a luxury in times like this, a privilege many yearn for. So, be smart, be reasonable, and continue to obey the rules so that we can eventually win this over. To all the frontliners who have given up so much to give us the privilege we have today, Malaysia owes this one to you, thank you!

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Author: Thanusha

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