Are Liberals the new Conservatives?

With the rise of the woke generation, the world seems to be shifting from the old conservative era to the new liberal era, ushering in the age where mankind can finally be free from the shackles of tradition and cultural dogma that has plagued the world for centuries. It would seem that we are headed to a magical world filled with unicorns and rainbows where everyone is happy and free to explore their uniqueness, or so it seemed.

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As the woke generation continues to dominate cyberspace, one thing has been made clear so far, that liberals only value individual uniqueness that aligns with their ideals. As the saying goes ‘power corrupts’, the liberals too are unfortunately not exempt from this rule of nature. Due to their newfound power, liberals have used it to shun and degrade anyone who does not align with what they believe it, giving rise to ‘cancel culture. Shunning and degrading people who are different, why does that sound very familiar? That’s probably because it was exactly how conservatives used to behave when they dominated the discussion sphere whether it was online or in the real world. They would demand everyone to follow their ideals and ostracize those who don’t. I guess this means that people are just shitty regardless of which side you choose to identify yourself with.

These events have shown us the true nature of humans, which is to force their ideas on another, justifying their actions based on their moral superiority. It is therefore important for us to explore why humans choose to co-exist as a tribe rather than living by themselves.

Humans started forming tribes millennia ago as a way to increase the likelihood of survival, we have to understand the world was very dangerous back then where humans still participated in the food chain as prey for some predators. When humans started grouping, inevitably, each individual would likely be motivated by different needs resulting in the establishment of the social contract. Each person gives up their claim for individual rights in exchange for collective rights ensured by the tribe. As time passed, those within the tribe who were happy with the status quo continuously demanded things stay the same (conservatives) and those within the tribe that were unhappy demanded things to change (liberals) and thus began the war between the two factions that have lasted till today.

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Does the question then become whether conservatives are wrong for wanting things to stay the same? It is unfair to pass judgement onto another person unless we have walked a mile in their shoes. The same applies to so-called ‘conservatives, it is easy to dismiss them as ‘red-necks as they seem to be stuck in time fearing the changes that would come should the rules change. If you were to put yourselves in their position you would see that their experiences growing up has shaped the reality they perceive around them. Imagine now someone comes and tells you that your entire way of life is either wrong, a lie or simply an insult to another human being. Would you automatically accept the new reality given to you? The answer is probably a no, it is, therefore, cruel for us to constantly dehumanize conservatives without first understanding why they oppose changes.

The hypocrisy of liberals then becomes clear that they only choose to embrace uniqueness should it conform to their way of life and to ostracize those who don’t (exactly how conservatives behave). This becomes a huge problem because it further creates a divide between the left and right as discussions turn to a fight, as it would seem that humans would need to exist within an ultimatum, it’s either you’re with us or against us.

The human experience should not be confined to moral values completely fixated on the right or the left but instead, exist on an ever-changing spectrum that should be as fluid as gender. We should be allowed to have liberal-leaning views on some issues and to have conservative-leaning views on other issues. Living in a democratic society that emphasizes majority rules, we then have to discuss and reach a compromise on resolving the issues based on the support it has, which is the way we have decided human beings should progress in the first place.

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