Benefits of being in a Long Distance Relationship

Simply being in a relationship with another person is already a difficult task to pull off, make it into a long-distance relationship and it will surely take a toll on anyone. From being denied the opportunity for intimacy like holding hands or cuddling, there are many cons to being in one. There are however some benefits for those brave enough to explore the positive side of a long-distance relationship.

Catching some ‘ME’ time

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When you enter into a relationship, the first thing you can say goodbye to is your own personal ‘ME’ time that you use to either dive into personal hobbies or simply sitting around and doing nothing. Being with someone means you now have to effectively divide whatever personal time you have to share with your significant other.

Being in a LDR however will change all of that. Because of the distance between you and your partner, it becomes more difficult to spend time together which results in more time for yourself. Although there will probably be more phone or video conversations with the technology today, a simple white lie is enough to ensure you don’t lose any more ‘ME’ time. The most useful white lies would be either “I had a long day today, can I talk to you tomorrow” or “I’m having some problems with my internet connection” can go a long way in ending conversations early and opening up more time for personal activities.

Saving money

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Arguably the best perk of being in a LDR, you’ll notice your wallet size staying fat longer than what you’re used to. Due to the reduction in dinner dates, dessert outings, or shopping, you’ll start noticing just how much money you used to spend on your partner. With the sudden increase in your monthly income, it is advisable to save that money for a rainy day or use it to invest before your partner finds out just how much money you have. To be fair, do send some gifts such as food or desserts to your partner to keep the relationship alive and healthy.

Revaluating who you are

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Being in a relationship can change and morph you into a different person. It’s only normal for it to happen as people tend to imitate and mimic people that are important to them. This has however caused you to lose the personality that made you who you are. Thanks to being in a LDR, you don’t have to worry much longer as the decrease in time spent with your partner will result in you returning to your original self. You’ll find yourself listening to songs that you like, eating the food that you love, and doing the things that make you happy, all of it which you had originally given up to be in a relationship.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

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As you continue to spend time away from your partner, you will start to realize just how valuable that person is in your life. The times they pick you up when you’re sad and the times they laughed along with you are memories that you will start to cherish as you continue down the road in a long-distance relationship. This would result in more appreciation for your partner when you finally get the chance to meet up.

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