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How many of us have “attended” the recent DC FanDome event? It’s a virtual comic-con-like event where movie and comic geeks get exclusive and first-hand news of the releases that DC are planning to release in the next few years.

I tuned in live and enjoyed some parts of it. There is a lot of news from it but I am going to share some quick thoughts on some personal picks…


Black Adam —

It’s no secret that this is an overdue project which have been dragging for a long time. Indeed, this is something we have been waiting for some time.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is impressive in the teaser and I am happy how it looks and feel. I do hope the movie shows more of his acting capabilities as there’s always that thoughts at the back of our minds that all of his movie feels the same. Also, I hope he doesn’t over-sell the movie! The Rock being an entertainer (since he’s a former WWE wrestler) and entrepreneur himself, sometimes tend to say too much.

Nevertheless, looking forward to more reveals from the movie.

The Batman —

Personally, the best teaser was revealed in the DC FanDome event. Judging by the reactions online, everyone seems to share the same sentiment.

I love the fact that this trailer tried not to give away too many details but offer you enough materials to get you excited for the movie, which is in line with the overall theme of the detective/mystery. I also love how all the characters look, especially Penguin. I am impressed by the makeup being done on Colin Farrell. All in all, totally looking forward to it.

Aquaman —
Short look behind the scene of the production. Looking forward to seeing how James Wan continues to expand the world of Aquaman. Oh hey, the fact that the world is covered by 70% of water, possibilities are endless!

Peacemaker — A spin-off TV series from the latest Suicide Squad.

When you have James Gunn’s fun and creative mind, things can be fun. Add in John Cena, who seems to be impressing a lot of people in his recent movies. The teaser looks fun, so looking forward to it!

The Flash —

Slightly disappointed and felt numb towards it. It’s just showed everyone things that everyone knows — which is that Flashpoint reference and Batcave. Disappointing that we didn’t even see Batman Keaton’s face.. just the cowl.

League of Superpets —
Another revenue for the Rock “to play”. Hopefully, it doesn’t disappoint

Shazam —

Also just showing behind the scene but judging by the looks and the costume of Shazam (and his family), it looks impressive. Knowing that they got Lucy Liu and Helen Mirren as villains, hopefully, they add some depth to the movie.

Suicide Squad and Gotham knights

Photo from IGN.com

I gonna collectively say both look good. I may not play the game but I am happy for those who are going to play it. Man, can we just watch the gameplay instead? hahaha

Every DC animation news —

Photo from IGN.com

Over the years, I have had good views on their animation but over the years, all of their lineups have been questionable and disappointing. That being said, even the latest news on this part of the DC doesn’t impress.

DC TV Series —
1) Doom Patrol, Stargirl, Titans — final episodes preview

Photo from geektyrant.com

— These shows are arguably among the better DC series out there and the stories so far have been good.

2) CW series aka “Arrowverse” — Flash, LegendsOfTomorrow, Superman & Lois, Batwoman, Supergirl

Photo from EW.com

Collectively, I begin to feel tired of their stories. I am not sure how they are going to freshen up the things but hopefully, the annual crossover event excites everyone.

Based on all the reveals, I am excited and looking forward to the movies.

I know there are tons of other news being announced as well, which I have left them out or may not know but whatever I have mentioned above are my picks. As a geek fan, I genuinely would want DC to do well, like their “competitor” Marvel.

Anyway, what a time to be alive! There are movies from Marvel and DC, with more movie gems coming up too. That being said, I hope it gives us reasons to stay alive, stay sane and look forward to days to come =)

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