Do not tell me we are going for another protest

That Undi18 protest on Saturday was the most annoying event I have ever joined.

I am not the type to walk around in jeans and thick shirt when the sun was blessing his heat the most. I was drenched in sweat the whole time and what did I get in return? A mini bottle of hand sanitiser that I already have.

And do not get me started on the 18 minutes sitting on hot tar. First of all, performative much? Secondly, people were taking pictures that did not include me. How could they do that to me? I was doing instagrammable poses and none of the photo ops that circulated had my face in it.

And the shouting, I wish I was born deaf. I was not looking forward to people shouting in my ears telling contradictory things. First, they told us to march, and then they told us not to march. They told us to sit, and then not to sit. Make up your mind organisers, are you doing a protest or a vanity project? Who was the manager of this event? I would like to meet them and have a stern talk.

Worst, they did not even tell me there would be military there. Could you imagine? I could have died if anything went wrong and I showed up in a bland-looking grey t-shirt, black jeans, and the worst-looking shoes. At least have the decency to tell us beforehand that we might die in a protest so I could at least dress up better. I do not want to be caught dead in outfits I wear to class.

The activists there annoyed me as well. They passed by me and did not even greet me. We are talking about me, columnist on MalaysiaNow you know. The one that had been called cute on several occasions, the one that had been a moderator for a few programmes and not to mention again, the cute columnist. The audacity of these activists that I am not going to mention the names. I will make sure to walk past them in the future without greeting them. Then they will know how it hurts.

I swear if there is going to be another protest, I will only be making an appearance if I am paid to do so. I cannot stand under hours sitting in a sea of sweaty people while being sweaty myself, and then marching with them when they do not even know the magnificence presence I have.

Now, those complaints seem vain, isn’t it? Selfish even. Youths are not getting their votes and here I am being annoyed at an event. I cannot believe I was saying all of those things, but I did. I cringed while writing those words, but do not tell me those politicians do not have the same self-awareness that I do.

Imagine politicians not having parliamentary sessions when all else in the country, things are going as usual with the technology we have. Imagine not giving the youths their rights to vote and not even giving a good excuse for it. I cannot imagine these politicians being as selfish as I am in this piece.

But in all honesty, they probably are. How vain can anyone be to be scared of the pandemic when they were rushing to be the first in line for the vaccine. And how selfish can anyone be to withhold the right of a demography for reasons that I have yet to understand?

Do not make me write another piece about how annoying it is to join a protest. Because I will end up writing about how annoying it is to need a protest because of the people’s representatives that are not doing works they have been paid for. Just do your work already politicians. It is getting boring for us to be expecting this kind of news from you. And just give the kids their rights to vote. If you think you will lose position because these kids can vote, you would be wrong. You will be losing positions for not giving the people what you are supposed to give, their rights.

Picture by Liam Edwards

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