Family-friendly Anime to watch with your kids

Is Anime safe to be consumed by children? With the increasing popularity of Anime worldwide, we now see an uptick of Anime produced for an older, more mature audience. With the mean of age group targeted for Anime increasing, the mainstream or flagship Anime is seen to match this change with the release of action-filled content, sometimes not shying away from scenes that include blood, brutality and even obscenity at times. This has led parents to label Anime as no longer being family-friendly. No longer can they let their kids simply watch any Anime if they aren’t classics that are made for children which were a significant part of even the parents’ upbringing, once upon a time.

Some parents lament the disappearance of Anime like Doraemon, Chibi Maruko Chan and Atashinchi, citing today’s Anime like Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen to be too brutal and mature for the leisure watch of their children. The truth is, there has been a dramatic increase of action-heavy and mature Anime produced over the years to appeal to a mainstream audience who have grown watching Anime and are now mostly full-fledged adults. Be that as it may, there is a misconception in the evolution of Anime that seems to have taken an exodus away from family-friendly content.

The misconception arises from the fact that Anime is not a genre, but a medium. Being a medium, Anime is able to branch out into many genres like comedy, drama, romance, action, children and so on. It is not so much that Anime is not family-friendly, it is that the most popular Anime are not catered for families, more so the main target which are 20-40-year-olds. With that said, there is still an abundance of children Anime produced, but without the same production prowess as the likes of Doraemon and company during its time. However, there are in fact “proper” Anime with a bona fide production crew and all, that are perfect for family consumption with your children in the comfort of your own home. Here are some solid picks:

#1 Mitsuboshi Colors

Mitsuboshi Colors follows trio Kotoha, Yui and Sacchan who have sworn to protect the peaceful city of Ueno, Tokyo as the titular group Colors. The show essentially is about the trio “protecting” the city by marauding it endlessly in adventurous fashion as they meet new and familiar people and aid the community in numerous ways, often resulting in hilarity. One aspect very special to Colors that makes it perfect for the enjoyment of your kids is that the three kids act exactly as they do real children, full of wonder and are endlessly whimsical. They are not made to look cute and tug at your heartstrings (although they are plenty cute). Instead, the Colors truly believe they are on a noble crusade and attempt to do each mission wholeheartedly as a child would carry out their parent’s request down to the most minute detail. The result is a very fun series that your child can relate to as they too go on an adventure with the trio, providing them a fun ride at the very least.

# 2 Teasing Master Takagi-san

If there’s one thing kids like to do, it’s play games. And in Takagi-san, that’s all they do. The show follows mysterious but cheeky girl Takagi and her classmate cum rival Nishikata as they play numerous games in an attempt to one-up each other. Hilarity ensues as Nishikata is always at the mercy of the seemingly unbeatable Takagi. The show is cute, fun and portrays many games that your children can attempt with the showing of every episode.

#1 Gakuen Babysitters

Last but not least, a show about actual babysitting. Babysitters is about orphans Koutarou and Ryuuichi, who after the tragic loss of both parents, were adopted by headmistress Morinomiya with the caveat that older brother Ryuuichi undertake the role of babysitters for the school’s nursery. The school nursery is massively lacking in manpower and thus we follow Ryuuichi and his baby brother Koutarou in their misadventures with managing a myriad of babies who each have their own quirks. The show is often funny, with the babies taking the centre stage due to the sheer cuteness of their designs and characters. This show is for parent and child alike, as both can find different enjoyments from parents reliving the period of raising their child while in infancy, to the kids watching characters their age go about growing up, of course stumbling along the way.

There are much more family-friendly Anime that flies under the radar as they rarely get the same level of exposure as mainstream Anime. Nonetheless, I hope this serves as a good “baby step” for parents to be more open to discovering and watching good family Anime with their beloved children.

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