Is It Necessary To Get A Pulse Oximeter?

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What is a Pulse Oximeter?

It’s a device to read the oxygen concentration in our blood. It is measured by SpO2 unit, and the normal reading is within 95% to 100% SpO2. A good reading of SpO2 indicates that our body is receiving the right amount of oxygen it needs. While SpO2 reading below 95% is called ‘Hypoxia’ which may be caused by one of the factors below:

  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Disease
  • Difficulty to breath during sleep (Sleep Aonoea)
  • Low red blood cells (Anemia)

This means that if our SpO2 reading is low, it indicates that something is clearly wrong with our body, and it’s advisable to rush to the hospital to get treatment instantly.

Is It Necessary To Get An Oximeter At Home?

We’ve seen a hype on social media sharing about Pulse Oximeters, but do we really need it at home? Mostly, everyone, including our Health Minister is advising to have at least one at home. The main reason why it’s advisable to get a pulse oximeter is because of Hypoxia and Happy Hypoxia, which are detected in Covid-19 patients and one of the main contributors to death.

Hypoxia, as mentioned above, is a condition where low oxygen is detected in your blood. Happy Hypoxia is also the same condition, but those who have it may not realize it. This is because Happy Hypoxia does not show any symptoms such as difficulty in breathing or even pain. It is only detectable if it’s being monitored; thus, having an Oximeter at home could be a crucial device that may save your life. You can read more on Hypoxia and Happy Hypoxia here:

To me, it’s a relevant precaution nowadays as with Covid-19 cases surging; we wouldn’t want to flood the hospitals when it’s already jammed packed with covid-19 patients. Even if we go to the hospital, low critical cases are not instantly attended to, and we all should understand why right? So the best way you can help yourself is to monitor your health yourself and get treatment when you’re exactly sure you need it. Without an Oximeter, it’s mostly like a guessing game; you’re only guessing why you feel like your heart is beating so fast and why you feel like you’re out of breath. With much negative news we see on social media, that could also be a reason for unnecessary worry, and your brain might psychologically think your body is in trouble. But if you can monitor your readings easily at home, it’s less hassle and less worrying not only for you but for your whole family.

Buying An Oximeter

If you’ve decided to get an Oximeter, make sure you’re buying your money’s worth. It would help if you make sure that the Pulse Oximeter you have can give accurate readings. Since Oximeters is a hot item, we’re seeing sellers flooding to sell them online, and some are very cheap as well. Immediately avoid those as most of them are fakes. Instead, you can opt to go to the pharmacy and buy them instantly. However, my experience wasn’t so good either, I asked my husband to buy from the pharmacy, and he came home with one that was priced RM50 that was without a proper brand, and when I checked, it turns out people are advising not to buy this brand as it’s not certified. In Shopee, it was priced for less than RM30, and we were totally ripped off. LOL… I can’t believe that there are even pharmacies that don’t sell certified products. So, I had to repurchase a new oximeter online, this time making sure the device is KKM approved.

Below is the list of Pulse Oximeter brands you can purchase online: KKM Approved, MDA Certified, and Pharmacy registered.

  1. Oxitech Finger Pulse Oximeter

2. Medisana Pulse Oximeter 

3. AEON A30, A300, A310, A310B, A320, A330, A360, A33

4. JOYLEE Medical Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

You can choose among any of these brands above, which are easily found online. However, do note that most of the stores selling them are sold out; hence, those with stock are selling them for a higher price range. The best way is to either buy these brands directly from the pharmacy or get them online using Shopee Mall or LazMall, where it’s supposed to be 100% genuine. If it’s not, you’ll get a 100% refund. I managed to grab Joylee’s Oximeter while it’s still on promotion. If you’re looking for other brands with registered devices, this is a list you can refer to

Once you have an Oximeter at home, make it a habit to monitor your heart rate and SpO2 reading 3 times a day and jot it down for reference. If you frequently have abnormal readings below 95% for SpO2 and a pulse rate above 130, immediately rush to your doctor. Since there are many Covid-19 cases with no symptoms, this is one of the best ways to ensure you and your family are in good health.

Stay safe!

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