Need Strong Lungs? Here Are Some Simple Tips – How To Care Of Your Lungs

My brother was hospitalized for 21 days battling from Covid-19 stage 5. He survived, and is now taking his time to recover. When the Coronavirus attacks, he suffers from pneumonia and is on medication to ensure his lungs function efficiently – but never back like normal lungs.

It is important to look after your lung health to aid recovery should you be infected by the virus. While you are healthy, make sure you take care of your lung health. Never take it for granted, he advised.

The lungs that are located in the chest on the right and left sides, support the respiratory system and the vertebrate circulatory system. With a sponge-like surface (spongy texture), its function is to oxygenate blood.

Lung health is vital for a person’s health. Though the lungs are self-cleaning organs and can heal themselves, just like the rest of our body lungs need care and attention too. 

Lung problems could lead to asthma, COPD, infections like pneumonia and tuberculosis, lung cancer, and other breathing problems. And the worst can lead to respiratory failure.

Besides suffering from pain, the treatment will involve a lot of recovery time, energy, and money. Early care of the lungs helps them function at an optimal level and reduces the risk of getting symptoms of lung diseases.

Simple Tips – How To Care of Your Lungs

Let’s love our lungs. 

Lungs age with time, it becomes less flexible and loses its strength which can make it difficult to breathe. Here are a few tips for better lung health in a natural way and to get it stronger. 

Fortunately, the practice of natural lung health care involves no high cost but requires good self-discipline to be applied in our daily lives.

There are few ways to help maintain and increase lung capacity, making it easier to keep your lungs healthy and get your body the oxygen it needs.

Avoid Outdoor Pollutants

The unhealthy air quality due to emissions caused by motor vehicles, solid fuel burning, smoke, gas, and dust from industrial activities need to be avoided if possible.

Inhaling a small amount of polluted air will bring no major issues, but doing it continuously will lead to a negative effect on the lungs. 

Drink Water To Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for our overall health. Water is tasteless, but your body will thank you when you drink water adequately. Sip your water as per recommended guidelines — 8 glasses a day.

Drinking water will help to thin the mucus produced by the lungs. Hence, it makes us breathe easily. Our lungs also play an important role in maintaining the body’s water content by eliminating water vapor during exhalation, resulting in the right balance of water kept in our body’s system.


We need to exercise frequently to form healthy lungs, and better if we are able to exercise daily and consistently. More active muscle movement during exercise will push the heart rate faster while improving the respiratory system. 

This can clean the carbon dioxide trapped in the lungs as well as increase the supply of oxygen to the body. There are many methods of exercise that could be practiced according to the individuals’ comfort such as running, light exercise at home, climbing stairs, aerobics, and so on.

If you kind of like doing indoor exercise, once in a while go outside — do outdoor activities and breathe fresh air. 

Breathing Exercises

Do you breathe with the right technique?

Breathing with the right technique will stimulate the lung system to function properly. There are many breathing exercises that you can do daily, but basically inhaling exercises require longitudinal inhalation of air, exhaled slowly, and repeated for a period of time according to the recommended breathing technique.

Avoid Smoking And Say ‘NO’ To Vape

Cigarettes contain bad chemicals such as nicotine, tar, cyanide, benzene, cadmium, acetylene, and ammonia. The bad chemicals will be trapped in the mucus and become toxins when cigarette smoke is inhaled, leading to the formation of various respiratory diseases.

The smoke could destroy lung tissue and trigger changes that grow into cancer. It is never too late to benefit from quitting smoking. 

Vape is an alternative to smoking. However, there is no safe way to use tobacco, including e-cigs and vapes. In fact, vape is addictive too and can cause various health problems, and has been associated with lung injury and lung disease.

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Personal Hygiene Practices

Keep your home clean. Wash your linens, vacuum, dust, and replace air filters in your home as per your schedule preference. 

Ensure your personal hygiene, especially your hands, must be cleaned since it is at high risk of transmitting diseases like bacteria and dirt of the lungs.

Improve Your Diet – Add These Food For Lungs 

Fruits and vegetables with high antioxidants and high protein are recommended for the lungs.

Food like garlic (selenium and allicin), carrots (vitamin-A), legumes (vitamin-E), apples (vitamin-C), salmon (omega-3), broccoli (vitamin B-9), green tea (antioxidants), yogurt, and vegetables are beneficial for improving lung function, and help those suffering from COPD and other respiratory diseases.

Live in a clean and healthy lifestyle – this to minimize the risk of bacterial, viral, or disease infections. Avoid living in risky environment conditions that could lead to the occurrence of lung problems and an attack of a disease. 

Take care and stay healthy.

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