Self-care tips: 7 ways to improve your mental health

Ever since Covid-19 came into our lives and we went into lockdown last March, everything has changed. It was months before we saw extended family and friends, and it has taken a toll on our mental health. 

We’ve heard of people struggling with burnout, anxiety, and depression. Or we’ve been on the same boat. Although our fully vaccinated status has allowed us to enjoy dining out and recreation activities, we must still take precautions. 

What can you do to help your mental health? Here are some simple self-care tips: 

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Take A Break From Gadgets 

It might be the hardest thing to do on this list, but I can assure you, it can be very therapeutic. Try to take a break from your gadgets and limit time spent on social media if it makes you anxious. Sometimes, you need a breather from all the fake news. 

Focus on what you can control and consume news from reliable sources. Spend time reading a book, playing board games, going for walks, and spending time in nature! 

Laugh It Out

It’s true – laughter IS the best medicine. Your body releases endorphins when you laugh, automatically improving your mood. 

Find reasons to laugh. It can be a funny story, comedy, or a YouTube video. When you feel better, your mental health will improve too! My feel-good shows include Friends, The Office, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Look For Activities To Unwind

What are some of the activities that allow you to de-stress and unwind? Take a walk in the park, do some yoga, work on puzzles, play video games or do anything that lets you relax! 

I know people find colouring relaxing, but I find it incredibly stressful to colour complicated pictures. I find video games and crafts relaxing instead! There is no one-size-fits-all activity, do what makes YOU happy!

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Connect With Others

Although we can’t meet as often as we’d like these days, it doesn’t mean that you’re alone and disconnected from others. We all crave human interaction. Thankfully, we live in a world that allows us to connect to others virtually 24/7. 

We have so many platforms that allow us to connect with others – WhatsApp, Zoom calls/Team Meets, Virtual Work Offices. Don’t miss out on opportunities to be surrounded by loved ones during the good and bad times! 

Take Good Care Of Your Health

In addition to taking care of your mental health, your physical well-being is just as important! Just because you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your health. 

Get enough sleep every night, exercise daily (take breaks from the screen), drink plenty of water, and stick to a healthy diet. 

Switch Off After Work

Since we switched to working from home, we have had days filled with emails, calls, and meetings. The new “WFH” life doesn’t equate to a work-life balance for everyone. Instead, we’re working beyond regular hours, and it feels like there’s no break. 

Start by switching off after working hours. If it’s after 6 pm, work calls and emails can wait till the next day. During the weekends, enjoy your time off! Even if you’re going to spend time at home, don’t ignore your annual leave and take time off. 

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Create a NO list 

If you haven’t been doing this, it’s time to set healthy boundaries. It’s as simple as not replying to messages immediately or not attending every virtual event you’re invited to (you spend your entire day in front of the computer already). 

I’m guilty of saying yes to things too often, and it has led to burnout. It took me some time to realize that saying yes all the time had negative implications. I hope more people realize the importance of this before it overwhelms you. 

Note: These are suggestions to help you cope, but it is not professional advice. If you are experiencing severe symptoms and it interferes with your daily lives, please seek professional help. There are many resources available (free and paid) locally. 

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