The top 5 free Google Chrome extensions that everyone should have.

There are so many things that we have to explore when living in the digital century. Every day, thousands of digital products are being created in someone’s garage or bedroom. They just need two things to make it happen. A computer and internet access. Then everything will become possible for everyone to use it. The good thing about a digital product is when they offer a free or freemium plan for their users.

One of the digital applications that we should never miss using is the browser extension. A browser extension is known as a small software module for customising a web browser. It also functions as a plugin for our browser that provides certain features. Since Google Chrome is a popular web browser being used, many developers have come up with useful features to close the loopholes in the technology world. 

These are the must-have Google Chrome extensions available for free to increase our browsing experience. 

1. AdBlock Plus

Visiting a site that has so many ads around could annoy the reader and viewers. Having a zillion ads on a website is not a very great idea to get monetized. The site may throw out their viewers’ interest in longing around their website instead of gaining loyal and decent viewers. Thank you for AdBlock. Now, with the installation of the extension, we are no longer distracted by massive advertisements. 

2. YouTube AdBlock

Sometimes the AdBlock that works for websites doesn’t work on You Tube. So we have to install another specific plugin to block the ads while watching YouTube. It helps to increase our experience when watching or listening to our favourite albums on YouTube without being disturbed by non-skip ads. This extension can save us a lot of dimes instead of spending them on subscribing to You Tube premium. 

3. Grammar Examiner

Having an extension that can help us write a better sentence in English is such a great saver. Not only does it keep us from making spelling mistakes, but it also keeps us from making grammar mistakes. A lot of tools for grammar checkers offer an extension for the Google Chrome browser. The commons is provided by Grammarly

Grammarly offers a freemium model, and the premium price is hard for us to subscribe to if we will not use it every day. Another extension to the grammar checker that we can install for free on our browser is Pro Writing Aid and QuillBot.

4. Screen capture

Having a snipping tool for free from our computers is a blessing, but it cannot capture the whole page of a web browser as we intend to for reference. Here comes the best extension everyone can get for free: GoFullPage, an extension for full-page screen capture. The result is outstanding. It totally gives us the whole page of the website as it is supposed to be. 

5. Screen recorder

The screen recorder is great for the user who wants to create a tutorial or step-by-step video. It is hard to have a free screen recorder without having any watermark. The web extension is one of the best free screen recorders we should install on our web browser to provide more experience in developing more browsing productivity experience. 

Good extensions will increase productivity

The information on Google extensions keeps growing each day. We should check it out once in a while to determine which one is suitable to increase our productivity in creating more. Other things we should keep in mind while exploring new plugins for our browser are to read the reviews and beware of malicious attacks. No one would create something that could harm another, but just in case, there are always grey lines in everything.

What are the most Google Chrome extensions you would suggest to everyone?

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