Tips on how not to get too hungover

Beginner’s Guide on How to Deal with the After Effects of Alcohol

At some point in life, you are bound to try alcoholic drinks and get hungover from them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your first alcoholic encounter at a party or during a wedding. You are bound to get hungover nonetheless.

First, it’s hunger. Then, it’s the headache from the alcohol’s high tannins. Both feelings have left you feeling hungover in the wake of alcohol consumption. If you are new to the hungover scene, here are some ways you can handle it like a pro.

1. Drink plenty of water and fluids

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After several rounds of alcoholic binges, your body will be worn out by too much alcohol. Your body will be dehydrated from all that alcohol. To avoid further dehydration, you should drink more water to keep your hydration levels up.

At the same time, all that alcohol also depletes your electrolyte levels. Drink plenty of fluids to replenish those dwindling electrolyte levels!

You can find electrolyte tablets in most pharmacies. If you are not up for electrolyte tablets, it’s fine. Coconut water and sports drinks (for example 100 Plus) are some examples of electrolyte drinks.

2. Drink more

Some people will recommend that you drink more as a cure for hangovers. However, it only helps push back your headache. It may not be a good idea since drinking more may dehydrate you further. On top of that, your electrolytes will dehydrate further too.

Having said all of that, it isn’t recommended that you drink more to cure your hangover as it may have an adverse effect on your health.

3. Restore your energy with the help of Vitamins

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Hangover symptoms often result from nutrient deficiencies. Vitamin B in your body is the most affected by alcohol use, according to a European Journal of Clinical Nutrition study found here.

In case you didn’t know, Vitamin B is responsible for energy, brain function, and keeping your immune and nervous system “in place”. As Vitamin B levels deplete, you will feel fatigued and have low energy levels after drinking. Eat eggs, which are a great source of Vitamin B.

Drinking too much can also cause your body to deplete Vitamin C too, which can lead to a weakened immune system. Your body will be unable to defend itself. Citrus fruits are said to have plenty of Vitamin C. You should look into consuming some of that.

4. Eat nutrient-rich foods before and after binge-drinking

Before you drink, it’s best that you eat some food before you get started on your alcohol-filled night. In order to help with a hangover, there are researches showing that pairing food with alcohol can help your body to efficiently metabolize. The food you eat before drinking alcohol helps to break down the alcohol you’ve consumed.

But what should you eat after you are already hungover? Greasy foods will less likely to help with absorbing the alcohol when you’re hungover. In some cases, it won’t help at all. Instead, dietician Maggie Michalczyk advised people to consume more fruits like bananas as it has a lot of minerals (like potassium) that helps.

5. Sleep helps too

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Sometimes the easiest solution to a hangover is to go back to bed. Hangover affects your sleep because of delayed cognitive function. Poor sleep is linked to alcohol use, according to this research by Harvard Health.

6. Pop in a Panadol

Panadol does help when you are experiencing a hangover from all that alcohol. A few over-the-counter painkillers will help for some. Just make sure that you take it after having food.

However, we should advise that you should not take any other stronger medications to help with your hangover. Anything else, make sure to consult your GP before consuming it for the sake of curing your hangover.

Always remember to drink responsibly during your night out with friends. If you think your body can’t tolerate any more alcohol, be sure to take a break from it.

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